Sunday, October 20, 2013

Margaret Gallagher: Inspired in Los Angeles

 When Margaret Gallagher made the move from rural Canby, Oregon to the concree jungle that is Los Angeles, she sought comfort in connecting with the city's own flora and fauna.

I met Margaret at Kaldi in Atwater Village on a rainy Wednesday morning. It would likely be the only rainy day in the month, a welcomed rarity. Margaret's aging steel Trek road bike is locked up to a meter outside; the raindrops make the pale blue frame shimmer brightly against the gray of the day.  Through the glass I can see her bright red hair crowning her small frame, blunted bangs framing her calm expression.

A recent graduate of Occidental, Margaret is embracing her metamorphosis from painstaking senior art student to semi-employed, fully-immersed artist. Year to date she has curated her first show, a bicycle art show that received exceptional response from local artists, another in an underground tunnel in Cypress Park, and had her illustrations hung from on the light posts on high traffic streets in Northeast L.A.

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